Intrapay and the Education Sector

Intrapay streamlines and improves the accountability and efficiency of services provided on site providing benefits in the following five major areas:

Increase Revenue
The integrated nature of the system allows service companies to effectively identify and charge for incremental sales as part of an “all inclusive” style meal service by providing the following opportunities: Up-selling in dining environments, pre-selling and customer loyalty.

Improve Cash and Transaction Control
Intrapay’s integrated customer identification and account technology allows the removal of cash from areas of your business that traditionally had to manage cash, credit card security and multiple payment streams.  


Opportunities to improve cash and transaction control using Intrapay include: Improved payment point efficiency by limiting the number of payment methods and reduction of risk around cash transit and storage.

Improve health and safety
Intrapay’s integrated customer identification and account technology allows customers and their employers to receive data on lifestyle choices.  This allows employers to develop strategies around diet, health and safety activities.   

Simple inexpensive integration
Intrapay has a proven capability to integrate with existing technology on a site such as keyless entry systems and management software. Intrapay allows for the enhancement of service with a minimal impact on existing technologies and resources and there is no requirement to add software or significant hardware to the Supplier or the actual site.

Flexible, real-time management reporting
Intrapay allows management to monitor and develop a suite of management reports to facilitate real-time data, information and knowledge about the activities of customers. Intrapay provides flexible, timely and comprehensive management information and assists in identifying customer loyalty opportunities.

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